While we began in experiential with live music content, our projects now include complete brand design, digital advertising campaigns, website builds, and more across a wide range of industries.


Brand has never been more important than now in the age of social media. As customers insist on more transparency from the brands with whom they spend their money, your identity, voice, messaging, and more, permeate all other aspects of marketing. It pays to get it right and will save you time and money to do so from the start. Fortress Creative can lead you through a series of simple exercises that will help sharpen the vision of your business and, therefore, your brand. As a result, you’ll spend less time wondering what to say on social media, in email marketing, advertisements, press releases, blogs, and more. You’ll also be able to craft clear, consistent messaging, and trust that those who work for you will do the same. All of which will yield more sales and greater customer loyalty over time.






Customer Community Management

Content Strategy

Content marketing.
Conversion storytelling.
Inbound marketing.
It goes by many names but one thing is clear: a thoughtful content strategy is critical for modern marketing. It’s no secret that the value of loglines and catch phrases has diminished significantly. Information is key. Transparency is critical. Furthermore, to stay competitive in increasingly important search engine results, consistent content management is fundamental. Success in this discipline is acheived through a balance of implementing up-to-date best practices and engaging creativity. Our team can do a deep dive into your industry or find freelancers with proven experience to craft a content strategy and management system to give you the edge you need.

Social Media Management

Content Creation

Inbound Marketing

Customer Persona & Journey Mapping


Converstion Storytelling

Web Design

For many companies, the website is the primary marketing tool. It’s oftentimes the first thing someone visits after searching for the products or services you are offering and the last thing they see before deciding to become a customer. Designing a website can be a daunting task. Even more overwhelming can be finalizing the content. Despite these challenges, there are guiding principles in which our seasoned experts are well versed that pave the way to creating the best performing site for your business. We always keep in mind that a website is (for most businesses) as sales tool. With that as our guiding light we focus the process, navigate the distractions, and deliver results.

UX/UI Strategy

Custom Design

Custom coding

SEO Optimization

WordPress CMS

Web Apps


We are living, working, and marketing in an experience economy. Customers don’t just want to buy your products and services, but experience what it means to be affiliated with your brand. This becomes increasingly difficult as more consumers do more shopping online. The value of finding meaningful opportunities to connect with your customers IRL cannot be overstated. But these experiential activations have to go beyond logo placement and signage. They have to embody the spirit of your brand and further inform customers about the benefits of your products and services. Through our work in entertainment, we know first hand how much thought, preparation, and measurement goes into these experiences. We can design, execute, and analyze a complete experiential campaign that complements your overall marketing strategy.

Brand Experience Design & Production

Strategic Partnerships


(Digital, Live, VR/AR)

Product Placement

Immersive Experiences

Trackable Performance

Digital Advertising

It’s virtually impossible to avoid digital advertising as a modern business and the options are almost limitless. But it doesn’t need to be complicated and should always be clearly effective. Our digital team has decades of combined experience across almost every potential platform from social media to the open web. We’ve worked with a wide variety of industries including higher education, hospitality, cosmetics, entertainment, B2B, and more. We can create effective strategies for almost every budget while at the same time setting expectations so that the results meet or exceed goals. Our digital team is a Facebook Agency Partner and a Google Premier Partner.

Programmatic Display


Paid Social

Paid Search

Connected TV


Google & Facebook Agency Partner


Companies that use automation experience up to 53% higher conversion rates. Think of it as a sales team at scale, nurturing leads who show intent, through the customer funnel, to conversion. Chances are, if you have an online sales presence, you are manually performing the processes of automation with email marketing, CRM, and digital advertising. Using tools such as Hubspot, SharpSpring, or MailChimp automation allow these processes to be pre-programmed, providing your business the ability to personalize messaging to potential customers on a much greater scale. Fortress Creative has extensive experience with SharpSpring as a certifiied agency partner and can setup a complete CRM and automation system for any business, large or small.

Web Forms

CRM Design

Customized Email Campaigns

Lead Qualification

Customer Persona & Journey Mapping

Content Strategy